torsdag 26 mars 2015

Random encounter table (just what it says)

So like I said, one main reason why I want to have a blog is to have somewhere to put and organize my stuff. Sometimes I sit and look through old folders on the computer (or even old notebooks) and I find things that I've must have spent a not inconsiderable amount of time and effort in thinking up and writing down, and then it's just been sitting there, effectively lost like Rutger Hauer's tears in rain. Dammit. But that's a good thing, it means that I won't have to put in that much effort in keeping up the blogposts, since I've essentially written them already. On the other hand, I still have to translate them from Swedish... Anyway, here's an encounter table, that I thought would provide some interesting choices for level 1 of a megadungeon:

Encounters for level 1 of a megadungeon

(With some explanatory notes.)
  1. Kobold hunting party (20% chance of returning successfully from hunt, roll again to determine what prey they bring back)
  2. Kobold religious procession
  3. Kobold fighting patrol
  4. Kobold fighting patrol, with [roll again] as reinforcements.
  5. Goblin trading mission (carrying moderate treasure glamoured to look like trash)
  6. Goblin exploration mission (carrying reasonably accurate map to the nearest way down to lvl 2, in Goblin of course)
  7. Goblin diplomatic mission, roll again to determine who they're supposed to negotiate with.
  8. Thieve's guild members; roll 1d6. 1: Going to steal something 2: Having stolen something 3-4: courier mission 5-6: running from something (roll again to determine pursuer).
  9. Adventurers, roll 1d6 for characteristics. 1. Filthy 2.Snobbish 3.Non-human 4.Chaos worshippers 5.Artsy 6.Drunk
  10. Brown Jenkin
  11. Fractal Spinner (A species of giant spider that I came up with; incredibly advanced mathematicians who really only want to be left alone, will only attack if you disturb their nets which are in fact incredibly complex mathematical calculations, can be recognized as such on an INT-roll)
  12. Black centipede (Giant)
  13. Bat swarm (10% that they will be carrying a paraplegic ghoul with whom they have a kind of symbiotic relationship)
  14. Helpers (This was an idea that I had, that the megadungeon has these human servitors wandering around performing various tasks without any clear idea about why or how they got there. Either some force in the dungeon telepathically pulls people from the surface into servitude, or they're spawned in some fashion in the deeper levels.) Anyway, they're doing (roll 1d10: 1. Inventory of dungeon accoutrements. 2. Cleaning empty rooms so that they'll stay empty. 3. Repairs. 4. Serving refreshments to all they encounter. 5. Helping with personal hygien. 6. Health check-ups. 7. Entertainment (burlesque street theatre) 8. Exorcism (Chanting, ringing bells, waving insence and wreaths of garlic around.) 9. Giving directions. 10. Keeping the peace.
  15. Firebugs (mother with cubs)
  16. Pack of wild dogs (1t6: 1-2. Street mutts 3-4 Fighting mastiffs 5 Small but vicious dogs 6 Mix of the above. 10% chance that a magical talking dog will lead them.
  17. Halfling, family, on the move (not uncommon sight in the underworld since they're often persecuted above)
  18. Orcs, out to kill things
  19. Zombies, newly awakened (Accepted folk wisdom: Any dead body which does not undergo proper burial rites will rise as one of the undead. Cause of death (1d6): 1 Drowned 2. Robbed and murdered 3. Venereal disease 4. Freak accident 5. Monster attack 6. Suicide)
  20. Måntoad (Giant frog with human facial features)

    Ask me not for context, some of this is straight out of Lovecraft and some things I just made up. As I look at it now, it's not too bad; I think I wanted to provide myself with a lot of variety. I might revise this table and see if I may put it to use, some things I still like while others I do not so much (think I'll throw the kobolds and the goblins and the orcs out, for now).